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Working Outdoors

Welcome to ITK Group.

ITK is a Zoho technology consulting and app development company that is deeply passionate and experienced in offering robust business process automation and management solutions to diverse industries.  We are technology and training partners to Zoho Corporation and work exclusively on the Zoho ecosystem providing Creator and CRM solutions to our clients. We are also involved in Industry-Academia research projects and inventing apps that solve specific industry use/test cases.


Since 2016, we have created over hundreds of apps and coded over 1 million lines of Deluge Coding (Zoho’s very own scripting language) and a lot more on Integrations and niche process automations.


We have successfully rolled out industry specific products like ACEMA for the Education sector, Journali for Research Scholars and Autogarage CRM for the automotive sector. We are currently involved in inventing many other apps for diverse industry verticals across the globe.


We are completely boot-strapped and manage our business goals with a dedicated team of professionals on the Board and off the Board who put the company first to deliver world-class service to all clients.

Currently, we are looking at on boarding. dedicated developers who will be working on various ongoing and new projects.  If you fit our expectation (please go through the Job Description) - you are most welcome to apply.  

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